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What supplies do you use?


- For most all my work, I use Winsor and Newton gouache, Dr. Ph. Concentrated Watercolor, and Watercolor pencils on either illustration board or Arches cold press watercolor paper. 

Do you have any videos of your process/tutorials?

- Coming soon!

Commission Info: 

What are your commission prices?

​My commissions work in a slot system of 5 projects per month. Once slots are filled I will give an update, if you wish to inquire or get on my waitlist feel free to reach me. 

I base my pricing on the size, detail and scope of your project, this may increase the price from my start rate. If any of the details of the project are not to your liking or you don't wish to proceed with the project, please respond back to cancel. Once details are finalized, payment must be submitted before the start of the project. For status of commissions, you can check my "about" tab or social media.


Below are start rates for the services I provide when my commissions are open:

-Tattoo Design: 70-100 USD + shipping

-Single Character Illustration: 120 USD + shipping 

-Portrait: 150 USD + shipping 

-Full Size Illustration: 200 USD + shipping

-Logo's and Branding: 150 USD + shipping 

As always if you have any questions feel free to ask! 

I've never gotten a commission before! What's the process?

- When you contact me, we'll talk over the piece or project and the pricing, once details are finalized, I will send you my payment method and promptly start on your piece! I start with a sketch > final sketch > color study > to the finished product. I will keep you updated throughout these steps. 

How long does a commissioned piece usually take?

- Commissions take around 1-3 months if I'm not given a deadline. If you have a set deadline for a project, please include that information in your inquiry. 

How can I reach you?

-You can email me at Please do not send me DM's through my Instagram as messages get lost quickly. 

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