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Illustrator and Storyteller

Based in Brooklyn 

Gaby Verdooren is an illustrator who lends herself largely to the nostalgia of her childhood, and the strong mystique of the natural world. Her work draws from autumnal color palettes, vintage fantasy aesthetics, and the occult. Her works have found their home within her self spun folk tales, characters, and unseen realms. 


She can be found haunting nearby cafe's, and blasting Cocteau Twins in her studio. 

Gaby is an Alumni from Parsons School of Design . She graduated with her BFA  in Illustration in 2021.

Commissions are currently closed. 

Represented by Advocate Art 







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Featured In: 
One to a Thousand Issue 2 : The Balance

Noissue - Gaby Verdooren: Healing Art Pieces that’ll Take You to Different Worlds

Select Clients: 

The Wild Honey Pie 
New Hampshire Institute of Art 
Burnt Sugar Confectionary
Rebel Girls Inc
Hachette Book Group 

Artists Markets: 

The Mortals' Market , Hosted by the Order of Good Death , 2020

Darksome Art and Craft Market, Out of the Crypt Hosted by Lindsay Keating, 2021

Darksome Art and Craft Market, Summer Darkness, Hosted by Lindsay Keating, 

The Mortals' Market, Hosted by the Order of Good Death, 2021 

Darksome Art and Craft Market. Black Sheep Holidays, 2021

Darksome Art and Craft Market. Love You to Death, 2022

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