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FAQ Info: 


What supplies do you use?


  • I use a combination of watercolor and gouache, mainly Holbein, Schminke, Windsor and Newton, And Van Gogh. For paper, I use Arches hot and cold pressed watercolor paper. 


Are you selling prints?


  • At the moment I’ve halted my print business. But planning to relaunch my shop soon! I’ll keep my instagram posted for when that will be 


I love the painting you posted! Are you selling it? 


  • Depends! You can shoot me a DM over on instagram to inquire. I usually don’t sell my originals unless I make them with the intention of being sold though! 



Commission Info:


I handle my commission in slots of 3 per month, or as they are completed. I’ll update the status of my commissions in this section. I do not issue refunds on commissions. Please be sure you want to proceed with the project before payment. 

Once details are finalized, payment must be submitted before the start of the project.


Please note: I will not work in a size bigger than 11x14. 




Commission start rates as follows below: 


    • Tattoo Design  ___ 80-100 USD 

    • Portait (Bust) ___ 180 USD

    • Single Character Illustration___ 180 USD

    • Logo and Branding ___ 200 USD 

    • Full Size illustration __ 300 USD


Commission Info: 


How long does a commission take? 


  • 1-3 months depending on the project. If you have a certain deadline you want to meet, feel free to tell me! I don’t however do rush jobs. So please plan accordingly. 


What’s your commission process? 


  • When you contact me, we'll talk over the project and the pricing, once details are finalized, I will send you my payment method and promptly start on your piece! I start with a 

  • sketch > final sketch > color study > to the finished product. I will keep you updated throughout these steps. 


What’s the best way to contact you? 


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